Thursday, March 24, 2011

Please pray for our trip

Tomorrow we will be leaving our home for a little while to go back to the States for Furlough and for the birth of our little miracle.
Our schedule is:
Leave Kara the 25th at 5:00am
Arrive in Accra, Ghana sometime on the 25th
(Please pray for this part of the trip, the roads in Togo are not the safest and not the smoothest, it will be a 12 hour drive for us)
We will be staying in Accra, Ghana till the 28th
We are flying out of Ghana on the evening of the 28th at 10:45
We will be stopping in London for 5 hours
And in Dallas, TX for 5 hours
And on to Portland, Oregon on the 29th at 10:45 where we will be greeted by the best parents and sister in the world and the greatest friends also, and some yummy Tillamook Cheese.
We can't wait!


Claire's Mom said...

See you soon!!!

Malerie said...

I can't wait to see you friend! I will be praying!!! <3